Gin Pineapple Kir

Gin Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Gin Kir

Want to try something different with your Gin Explorer gins and new bar spoon? How about a Pineapple Gin Kir? The perfect cocktail for the long weekend.

Remember that lovely, warm, sunny weather we had a few weekends back?  We’re hoping that wasn’t our summer over and done with as we REALLY need to tell you about a cocktail we’ve been enjoying, the Pineapple Gin Kir!  A refreshing tropical cocktail that will have you believing you are in the sunshine!  This cocktail was first sampled in the Caribbean where the traditional drink of choice is rum. However, gin cocktails were in high demand due to gin’s increasing popularity.

We took the Sir Robin of Locksley gin made by Locksley Distilling Company which was featured in the May Gin Explorer Box.  It has pink grapefruit undertones which will give the Kir an extra citrus blast.

Gin Pineapple Kir Ingredients


    • 100 ml pineapple juice – depending on how strong you like it you might want to increase or indeed decrease this!
    • 50 ml gin
    • Squeeze of lime juice (plus a slice to garnish)
    • 5 ml crème de cassis
    • Plenty of ice


    • Add lashings of ice to a glass.
    • Pour over the gin and pineapple juice.
    • Add in the measures of crème de cassis.
    • Add a squeeze of lime – you could cheat here and use pineapple juice that already has some lime in.
    • Stir.
    • Serve with a slice of lime.
    • Drink & enjoy!

If you were feeling super fancy, here’s another couple of options you could try:

Gin Pineapple Kir

  • Top it up with a splash of something bubbly or some soda water if it’s already too strong.
  • If you want to create a layered cocktail like in our pictured example then that’s where your shiny new bar spoon comes in. The twisted stem is for pouring liquids down, as it forces the bartender to pour slowly and eases the liquids into the glass. Start with the ice, then pour the crème de cassis slowly into the glass. Make the lime, gin and pineapple mix separately and pour on top of the cassis. 

The Pineapple Gin Kir is the perfect cocktail to enjoy now and sip all summer long!

Sir Robin of Locksley gin is incredibly versatile. It’s one of the very few (if not only) true English sipping gins, so if you don’t fancy making this cocktail, try it neat, chilled or in a classic G&T garnished with pink grapefruit peel.

And remember: Look for the code in this month’s box to get 10% off a full bottle of Sir Robin of Locksley from 



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