Gin Explorer Spoiler Alert

Sneak peek: June Explorer Box

It’s been a busy month, what with the Queens Birthday, World Gin Day and the kick off of the Euros. It’s time to have a moment for you with a glass of gin, indulge!

A glimpse of what’s coming your way…


Pinkster Gin

Inspired by the pink colour of raspberries, Pinkster Gin came to life after founder Stephan, was given strict orders to stop drinking wine – so he turned to gin! Mixing, experimenting and then creating this fruity yet dry gin, it certainly awakens and refreshes the taste buds.

Perfect serve: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.

Garnish: Feel free to add a mint leaf and even more raspberries.

The Lakes Explorer

The Lakes Explorer Gin

Distilled in their own unique copper pot, a cheeky glimpse of this new gin is a sweet treat not to be missed!  The full range of The Lakes spirits is exquisite; from whiskeys to vodkas, but this new Lakes Explorer gin is in a league of its own. Using Cumbrian botanicals and ingredients foraged from the Lake District, to create a clear, fresh, citrus, floral gin.

Perfect Serve: Great on its own over ice.

Garnish: A slice of lemon to fully appreciate its strength!

Masons Yorkshire Gin

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin

Masons was created by Karl and Cathy Mason with the objective of making a different tasting gin. Using their small copper alembic still,  they have bought you a gin with less of a juniper taste, which allows you to identify the other botanical flavours, cardamom, bay, fennel, and Szechuan pepper, that are prominent in this malty gin.

Perfect serve: The strong botanical flavours of Masons stand up well in a Martini.

Garnish: Slice of grapefruit.

Anno Kent Dry Gin

Anno Kent Dry Gin

Based in the village of Marden in Kent, Anno Distillers are the first distillery to operate in that county since the 1800’s. As well as common botanicals like coriander, orris root, angelica, lemon and, of course, juniper, they’ve taken inspiration from the bountiful Kentish countryside with some more unusual ingredients that are highly evocative of the garden of England. English hops add a bittersweet element, Kentish lavender creates a creamy mouthfeel and coastal samphire imparts a savoury burst that lifts every other element in this startling gin.

Perfect Serve: Any premium tonic.

Garnish: Samphire.

Not long to wait explorers, until our journey commences!


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