Gin Explorer Box July

Gin Explorer Box July 2016

July’s Gin Explorer Box contains gins from 2 of the oldest distilling families in Britain and 2 gins showcasing very different methods for creating a modern recipe.

Hello Explorers,

Hopefully, as you read this, you’re relaxing, sipping back on one of this month’ sublime gins, mixed with an innovative Original Tonic and snacking on something salty, striking and Spanish! More than 300 years of gin experience has gone into this month’s box so you know it’s a masterwork!

The Gins

Hayman's London Dry Gin

Christopher Hayman, the man behind Hayman’s London Dry Gin, is part of a long line of world-class, British distillers going back more than 150 years and responsible for launching Beefeater Gin amongst many others. To clarify, his ancestor are responsible. Christopher is a master distiller, not an immortal. The Hayman’s are in fact the oldest gin making family in Britain, so understandably they know how to make a classic London dry. Using Marjorie, a traditional 450l copper pot still, named for the owner’s mother, and made to a classic recipe using traditional botanicals, Hayman’s London Dry represents true mastery of the gin making craft.

The end result is a very fresh gin, whose bright juniper shines through, complemented by a lively citrus finish. Crisp and elegant, there is a touch of orange as well as a dry, gently spiced, earthiness.

JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin

JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin is a fabulous and excitingly new gin from Johnny Neill, the creator of Whitley Neill, one of our absolute favourites! Johnny is an eighth generation Master Distiller (going back to the origins of Greenalls) who has struck out on his own to develop some of the most exciting gins of the second great gin craze.

JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin is part of a brand new range of spirits devised specifically for mixing, in this case with prosecco! The gentle sweetness of the elderflower cuts the sharpness of the prosecco to produce a fresh, and refreshing long drink that’s ideal for garden parties. On its own though, the light and gentle aromatics, most notably, elderflowers, create a softly warming and delectably smooth gin.
Conker Gin

Conker Gin are the first gin distillery in Dorset and, naturally, creator Rupert Holloway wanted to reflect the beautiful natural countryside of the county in his gin. To that end, Conker features a number of locally sourced botanicals including; elderberry, samphire from the Dorset coast and hand-picked gorse flowers from the New Forest. The latter are, to our knowledge, a unique botanical in gin and they help to give Conker a light, flavour that’s subtly reminiscent of forests. The spirit uses Macedonian juniper, which is especially prized for its dryness and heat.

Unlike our first 2 gins, Conker doesn’t claim any ancient recipes or family heritage. Instead, Rupert has worked tirelessly to test, tweak and refine his recipe until he’s happy that it’s light, dry and forceful in nature. Gorgeous!

Persie Zesty Citrus GinSimon Fairclough is the man behind the startling citrus burst of Persie’s Zesty Citrus Gin. A founder of the Scottish Gin Club, Simon toured the highlands and lowlands, lochs and mountains of that stunning country in search of the perfect gin. After much, ahem, research, he cracked it. There was no one perfect gin, but there might be 3! Simon reasoned that gin drinkers generally seek out 1 of 3 different flavour profiles in their gin: sharp citrus, aromatic herbs or creamy nuttiness. So he set out to create 3 different gins that maximised the presence of each flavour profile.

All 3 Persie gins are gorgeous but we particularly admire the Zesty Citrus Gin. Bold orange and bright lemon comes through clearly with well-tempered juniper. Absolutely wonderful in a G&T!

The Goodies

Original Tonic Berries & Original Tonic Citrus

Inspired by the beauty and richness of the Mediterranean, Original Tonics are bright and bold tonic waters with flavours and botanicals that epitomize the landscape and fauna of the area. Such modern and exciting flavour combinations make Original Tonics a superb companion to modern, Spanish-style gins.

Original Tonic Berries actually has noticeable citrus and quinine on the nose with a balanced palate of strawberries and raspberries. Sweeter than most tonics, this might make an excellent entry tonic for gin lovers that normally opt for lemonade. We suggest pairing it up with the softer flavours of Conker Gin.

Original Tonic Citrus, on the other hand, is a fabulously sharp tonic water encompassing both the lighter aromas of grapefruit or bitter orange and the intense tartness of lemon and lime. We’d suggest pairing this with a classic London Dry like Hayman’s that has a very strong juniper profile, that should create a pleasantly balanced and unusually intense G&T. Alternatively, if you really, truly love citrus with all your being then you must try this with the Persie Zesty Gin

Finally, Explorers we have our habas fritas; fried, salted crunchy broad beans from the home of contemporary gin, Spain. This is an unusual snack that’s devilishly moreish and the savoury flavour complements the Persie Zesty Citrus Gin delightfully.

The deadline for August’s box is the 5th of August. The contents are secret, but every gin next month will have strong ties to the Navy, including one that’s truly mysterious.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe today.



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