Gin Explorer Box August 2016

Gin Explorer Box August 2016

The August Gin Explorer Box has a bit of a naval theme, with our first ever Navy Strength Gin and some very exotic botanicals from all over the world.

Hello Gin Explorers,

We’re so excited by this month’s gin subscription that we’ve sent them out early! We just couldn’t wait to see what you all made of this month’s gins. That, and we wanted to make sure you were all well stocked with delicious gins before jetting off on holiday.

So what’s in the box this time?

The Gins

Tiger Gin

Created by Jeff Lawrence, Tiger Gin is a labour of love that has produced one phenomenal gin. Jeff is a passionate gin lover who was inspired to create his own tipple and looked long and hard to find a great distiller with which he could partner up. Fortunately, one lived only half an hour away! Launched earlier this year, it has already picked up a Silver Award at the International Spirits Challenge and deservedly so. Tiger’s botanicals (chosen from the best harvests around the world) include juniper, angelica, coriander seeds, orris root, liquorice, orange and lemon peel and plenty more. 

Tiger Gin is complex yet strikingly smooth and sweet! The palate encompasses floral, fruity and spicy while being fabulously fragrant.

Wights HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin

Wight HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin is the first Navy Strength Gin we’ve featured in Gin Explorer and the second gin from the Isle of Wight Distillery, the only distillery on the island, ever, in its entire history. What’s a Navy Strength Gin? Well you can read our blog all about Gin and the Navy for the whole story but, put simply, it’s gin which is at least 57% ABV. At any strength less than this, spirits spilled on gunfire will make it too damp to fire, but at higher proofs the gunpowder will still burn. So, for safety reasons, all spirits carried on Royal Navy vessels must be at least 57% ABV.

Made in partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy, a portion of all profits from this gin will go towards paying for restoration work on HMS Victory, the Royal Navy’s most illustrious warship.

The extra alcoholic strength of HMS Victory Gin is matched by a greater intensity of botanical oils. Grains of paradise shine through first on the palate, pairing with an alcohol heat. These are followed by the hearty punch of the juniper and a refreshing lemon zest.

X Gin Aphrodisiac

The creators behind X Gin set out to revive the Aztec drink Xocolatl. Xocolatl was based on cocoa, was reserved exclusively for Kings and Queens and was said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Obviously, this sparked their interest! But rather than try and ferment chocolate, they instead set out to master a gin that used cocoa nibs as a key botanical alongside a staggering 44 other botanicals!

Elegant and refined, X Gin is a really innovative take on traditional gins. It has a dessert-like flavour with aromas of nuts, vanilla and cocoa. It really is unlike most other gins, with the juniper and citrus elements that define most taking a backseat to the very complex botanical playground.

You’ll also find some cocoa nibs in this month’s box which are the suggested garnish for X Gin. Raw cocoa nibs are quite bitter and really enhance the dry qualities of this sterling spirit.

Bimber Gin

Bimber Distillery (which, stands upon the site of a former Guinness Brewery) began life in 2015, creating a range of all-natural spirits: no weird colourings, no dodgy additives. Distilled in a traditional copper pot, their Bimber London Dry Gin is based on an old traditional recipe they discovered and uses their own wheat vodka (which is distilled four times), plus a blend of 10 different botanicals. It’s already picked up an ISC Gold Medal.

Bimber has a great balance of bright juniper, fresh citrus notes from orange and lemon, nutty coriander seeds, fragrant angelica and warm cinnamon. A dry and earthy finish and a remarkable persistence of the spice aromas are among its more distinctive features.

The Goodies

Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Obviously, the star goodie in this month’s box has to be that exclusive Gin Explorer badge. Make sure to wear it often and you’re sure to be complimented on your incomparably good taste and impeccable sense of fashion! Plus, you can spot fellow Gin Explorers and bond over your shared amazing appreciation of gin!

But, while it might be hard to ever get over that badge, there are other goodies in the box to admire. Not the least of which are 2 fabulous Fever-Tree tonics.

Fever-Tree can proudly claim credit as one of the biggest contributors to the current Gin Rennaissance. While most innovation and invention went into producing ever more delicious gins, the tonic, which makes up 3/4 of a G&T, was the same tired brands that have always dominated the market. Aiming to make mixers of the highest quality, using only the finest, natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial sweeteners Fever-Tree almost single-handedly revitalised the world of mixers back in 2005.

They haven’t stood still and continue to develop new and delicious tonics to this day. This month’s box has 2 of their more unusual tonic creations.

Inspired by Pink Gin (a popular cocktail consisting of gin and angostura bitters) Fever-Tree have taken the key component of Angostura Bitters and infused it into their fabulous, award winning tonic water to create Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water. Refreshing and aromatic, with subtle citrus and spice notes, it’s simply perfect for a G&T, especially when paired with navy strength and juniper-rich gins.

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic is made by blending their superb tonic water with the essentials oils from Mediterranean flowers, fruits and herbs. Mediterranean Tonic has a rounded flavour and subtle savoury herbiness that pairs well with fruity gins such as Tiger.

Finally, Gin Explorers are treated to 1 of 6 different flavours of Biltong from Chichester Biltong Company. Starting, literally, in a shoebox, they have grown become the UK’s most sophisticated Biltong producer; thanks to their award winning flavoured biltong made from only organic British & Irish beef.

The deadline for September’s box is the 5th of September. The contents are secret, but we’ve got 2 gins from Yorkshire (including one made in a kitchen) and just about the pinkest gin you’ll ever see.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe today.




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