Gin Explorer September Box Gins

Gin Explorer Box September 2016

The September Gin Explorer Box brings it all back home with four offerings showcasing the range and quality of British gin.

Hello Gin Explorers,

We’re really excited to share the September box with you all and can’t wait to see what you make of it. This is a sweeter treat than usual thanks to our first ever sloe gin and some delicious biscotti.

So, what’s in the box?

The Gins

Bath Gin

Bath Gin takes its inspiration from the historical spa town’s most famous resident, Jane Austen. An idiosyncratic woman who was insightful, intelligent and creative deserved a gin that reflected all those properties, and that’s what the fine people of Bath Gin have striven to create. To that end they’ve used some unusual botanicals including kaffir lime leaves and wormwood, the intensely bitter herb that gives absinthe its flavour.

Bath Gin isn’t much like absinthe at all though. It’s a light, subtle and very fresh tasting spirit where juniper and citrus notes dominate the palate. It is actually quite sweet, with liquorice, in particular, standing out on the first sip. The wormwood mainly works to add some dryness to the finish and balance the sweeter and citrus notes. This would make an exceptional martini if you’re that way inclined.

Slingsby Artisan Gin

Hailing from another spa town, Harrogate, is Slingsby Artisan Gin. This gin has already picked up a slew of awards in its short lifetime and it’s easy to see why! With a luxurious finish and simple honest ingredients, it truly embodies the spirit of its hometown. In fact, many of the botanicals are sourced from Harrogate itself at the kitchen garden of Rudding Park Hotel and by Taylors of Harrogate. Rosemary, three types of thyme, green tea, jasmine tea, chervil, nettle, sweet cicely, lovage, sage and rhubarb are just some of the locally sourced ingredients, while there are another 7 botanicals, including angelica, grapefruit and cassia – from further afield.

Slingsby leads with an initial burst of citrus, that gives way to juniper before a very light anise. The mid palate is led by chervil, sweet cicely and green tea and, in fabulous Yorkshire style, a finish of candied rhubarb.

Addingham Sloe Gin Liqueur

Also hailing from Yorkshire is Addingham Sloe Gin, our first sloe gin, and only appropriate as the nights get longer and the days get shorter. It will soon be sloe picking time, ready for enjoying at Christmas.

Lucky you though, you can enjoy some sloe gin now, courtesy of Fiona Mann, who is actually part of the Gin Explorer team behind the scenes. She started Addingham Fruit Liqueurs after suffering a spinal stroke a few summers ago. She decided to turn her family kitchen recipes into a cottage-industry business (literally, every bottle is made in her kitchen at home) as it fits well with her limited mobility.

Hand-crafted using real gin (not the neutral grain spirits you’ll find in many commercial sloe gins), Addingham Sloe Gin is redolent with rounded sloe berries and subtle almonds. Delicious alone or with a splash of prosecco.

Willem Barenstz

Our final gin only comes from London but takes its inspiration from further afield. Harkening back to gin’s dutch roots, Willem Barentsz takes its name from a famous Dutch explorer who sought repeatedly to finf a passage through the Arctic. Willem Barentsz is made with a wheat and rye base which enhances the texture and mouthfeel of the gin, making it both crisper and more rounded than most spirits.

A sleek and polished gin where orange and piney citrus flavours are softened by a light cinnamon and beautifully gentle jasmine tones.

The Goodies

Franklin & Sons Tonic

Franklin & Sons range of tonics, mixers and soft drinks trace their roots back to 1886, where they were sold from the Franklin family’s small confectioners shop at 171 High Street, Rickmansworth, London. For the next 100 years, the brand’s strength has been their use of exclusively excellent ingredients, especially their high-quality Staffordshire spring water. This month we have 2 Franklin tonic for you to top up your gin with.

Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic combines that pure Staffordshire spring water with British sugar and natural Ecuadorian Cinchona bark, resulting in a clear and crisp tonic with a refreshingly light fizz, which creates a perfectly balanced G&T.

Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic adds gently pressed Italian lemons to the excellent tonic water for a sharper and sweeter concoction. It’s the perfect match for a sloe gin.


Last but not least we have some cranberry & pistachio biscotti courtesy of Karen’s Little Kitchen and Hours of Fun. These beautiful Italian-style biscotti are an unusual yet wonderful pairing with gin. Yes, we are suggesting dipping biscuits in gin! As many of you might have learned from The Great British Bake Off, hard biscuits like biscotti were traditionally dunked in liqueurs to soften them and absorb some of the delicious boozy flavour.

These particular biscotti are lovely hard biscuits that don’t fall apart, making them perfect for dunking. Packed full of dried cranberries and pistachios, they’re perfect served with your sloe gin and the addition of lemon makes them a great snack alongside the Sicilian Lemon Tonic too.

The deadline for October’s box is the 5th of October and for the first time ever we’ll have 5 gins in box, for the same price! Don’t miss this bargain month.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe today.


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