Gin Explorer Box October 2016

The October Gin explorer box is definitely an exciting one. Our first box containing 2 liquors and the complimentary treat being even more gin!

Hello Gin Explorers,

We’re so excited to share with you this month’s box and can’t wait to hear what you have made of it. This is definitely a very flavoursome box, with flavours from across the UK and the picturesque Scottish highlands plus the first box we’ve done with 5 gins for the price of 4!

So what’s in October’s box?

The Gins


Crafted by Aaron Darke, Zymurgorium takes pride in combining science and delicious flavours to creating mouthwatering Gin Liqueurs. Zymagorium currently stands as Manchester’s first and only distillery. Opening in 2014, they’ve spent the time since crafting amazing gin liqueurs, ciders and craft beers.

Sweet Violet really does taste like the parma violet sweets of your youth. And unlike many other gin liqueurs, Sweet Violet avoids sickly syrupiness and manages to capture a good gin presence. Using their very own Manchester Gin and 20 other botanicals, Sweet Violet is perfect on the rocks, with lemonade or even as a baking extra!


The multi-award winning Pickering’s is the second gin in this month’s box. Crafted at Summerhall Distillery, Edinburgh’s first exclusive gin distillery to be established for over 150 years. Pickering’s aim is to create beautiful gin. Made from an old family recipe dating from 1947, and using only neutral wheat spirit. Everything from the preparation of the botanicals to the wax dripping on the bottles is done by hand.

Made using 9 botanicals including fennel and cloves, Pickering’s is strongly aromatic in the month with lots of pine and citrus notes. This traditional, soft gin is perfect with pink grapefruit.

ely pink grapefruit 728x577.jpg

Ely Pink Grapefruit is the second liqueur in our box this month. The Ely Gin Company specialise in creating amazing fruit gins. Crafting their first sloe back in 2012, the Ely range is ever expanding and incorporating more favours to their gins. Ely like to add a twist of excitement to their gins, without ever ignoring the glorious heritage these products have to offer.

Ely Pink Grapefruit is no exception. Pink grapefruit and gin make a great double act here, with the grapefruit creating a fresh and bitter flavour while the gin balances the flavours out to create an elegant drink. 


Gordon Castle Gin is a small-batch, hand-crafted gin using botanicals exclusively from the castle’s own beautiful, walled gardens. This gin is rich and complex, that really does herald its Scottish roots.

Winning the the San Francisco world spirits competition back in 2015, Gordons Castle is a super premium gin. Crisp, elegant and refreshing with a lovely clean palate.

The homegrown botanicals all contribute to a beautifully floral and fresh tasting gin. There are subtle notes of lavender that linger at the back of the nose and within the mouth. Garden mint comes into focus the gin’s clean character. This is combined with warming herbal notes that add to the richness and complexity of the gin.

jamjar 728x577.jpg

This month we thought there was no better way of treating all our Gin Explorers than making the complimentary treat an extra gin! Because 5 gins is better than 4 right?

So here is it is, Jam Jar Gin. Created by Faye and Dan Thwaites and inspired and crafted from botanicals the couple grow in their victorian kitchen garden. Jam Jar Gin was perfected after lots of experimenting with fruits, flowers and herbs and lots of jam jars scattered around the kitchen with early versions of the recipe, hence, Jam Jar Gin. This gin starts with a refreshing hint of citrus that comes from the raspberry leaves, then an unusually long, creamy finish.

The couple state they searched high and low for the perfect glassware, they settled on a Jamjar as its beautiful, durable glassware is perfect for growing your own botanicals in.

The Goodies


BTW tonics are made in East London and based on a traditional Victorian recipe. Created by the 214 Bermondsey craft gin bar. The owners were frustrated with the overpowering bitter and sweet flavours of most tonic waters which they felt ruined the inventiveness of modern craft gin.

The colour is the most distinct feature of the BTW tonics. The majority of tonics use a process which bleaches the cinchona bark (this is the tree from which quinine is obtained) to extract the quinine that gives tonic its unique bitterness. BTW just use heat and water which gives it its lovely, but unusual, golden hue. BTW lacks the sharp citrus and delivers the bitterness stupendously.

BTW tonics are the perfect compliment to our 5 gins this month.

The deadline for November’s box is the 5th of November, the contents need to stay a secret but make sure you don’t miss out on the gin journey!

So what are you waiting for, subscribe today.











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