Gin Explorer Box November 2016

November’s Gin Explorer box is full of interesting botanicals (caviar anyone?), sourced from all over the world and creating some of the best gins yet included.

Hello Gin Explorers,

We are more than excited to share Novembers amazing Gins with you. This month we have included some gins with rather wonderful botanicals from every corner of the world. Including locally sourced rhubarb, pêches de vigne (that’s vineyard peaches) and wait for it..caviar from Aquitaine.

So what’s in your box?

Leeds Gin


Passionate and creative, Sara Birkinshaw took inspiration from the spirit of Leeds to create a rather fabulous Yorkshire gin in 2016. Distilling the gin in the heart of their beloved city they use locally sourced rhubarb, which is then freeze-dried. The process of freeze-drying the rhubarb enables them to carry on producing all year round. The other local botanicals give Leeds Gin a bold orange and cinnamon nose with a mix of dry juniper and sweet dessert spices on the palate.

Herno Gin 


Created by Jon Hillgren, a Swedish bartender, Herno gin is distilled in the little town of Dala, Northern Sweden. Herno takes pride in their botanicals not only being organic, but all 8 having been grown and produced in diffrent corners of the world.

They have gone on to receive two Gold medals at the global gin masters.

The organic botanicals including Indian black pepper, Swedish lingon berries and Madagascan Vanilla, all working together to create a fresh citrus and floral complexity. Perfect neat or with tonic.

Nelsons rhubarb and custard gin


This gin is definitely an adult throwback to childhood sweets. Nelsons rhubarb and custard gin is the most recent addition to Neil Harrison’s amazing gin collection, having been created and distilled at Nelson’s Gin distillery and Gin School.

The rhubarb and custard flavour comes from the natural rhubarb essence and Madagascan vanilla, both of which are infused into the gin. Nelson’s rhubarb and custard is sweeter on the palate than the original Nelson’s Gin, however, it remains a London Dry. Nelson’s has a remarkably clean, smooth taste which lets each botanical sing individually on the taste buds.

Thompsons Bordelais Gin


Thompson’s Bordelais Grape Gin is created by Simon Thompson also know as the Englishman in Bordeaux. He started distilling Thompsons Bordelais Gin after noticing a lot of french vineyards were producing eau-de-vie (essentially vodka) from fermenting grapes, but not Bordeaux. Spotting a gap in the market, he began making hiw own eua-de-vie and turning it into whiskey and gin.

Taking inspiration from the Bordeaux region, Simon Thompson has created a gin using 15 botanicals including the notable additions of local vineyard peaches and even local caviar. The end result is a very floral gin, with peaches and subtle juniper on the nose and a citrus spiced finish.



Qcumber is sourced from the spring water lying in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this unspoilt rural area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. It is a tasty soft drink for grown-ups containing only natural ingredients and is free from artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives and flavourings. A perfect blend of cucumber and natural spring water.

Swap your G&T for a G&Q this month. Herno works especially well with the Qcumber water.

Basco Fine Foods Toasted Giant Corn

Basco fine foods aim to only import the finest Spanish produce, from ham to cheese. Also known in Spain as kikos and enjoyed as a snack these roasted and salted giant corn are the perfect g&T partner. And if you have any left (we certainly didn’t) try them crushed as a salad and soup topper.

The deadline for December’s box is the 5th of December, the contents need to stay a secret but rest assured we’ve packed it full of Christmas magic! And a christmas present is always better when it’s a surprise.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe today.












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