Gin Explorer Box December 2016

Our last box of 2016 is an exciting one. Including black tomatoes, Dutch saltwater, English cucumber and a few extra goodies in true Christmas spirit.

Hello Gin Explorers,

As the year comes to an end, our final Gin Explorer box of 2016 is ready to be discovered. This month we included some rather amazing flavours; black tomatoes from the little fishing harbour of Bruinisse and fresh English cucumber. In true Christmas spirit we’ve also treated our explorers to not one, not two, but three goodies this month.

So what’s in the box?

5th Gin fire 


5th Gin fire is created by, Barcelona Spirit Brands in partnership with Destilleries de Maresme (who date right back to the year 1875). Taking inspiration from the ancient and romantic understanding of the atmosphere, and all the elements within it. They were so mesmerised that they went on to craft 4 flavour intense gins; each based on the 4 elements that make up our atmosphere. Water, air, earth and fire.

Barcelona Spirit Brands embody the qualities that make modern Spanish gin so different and exciting: innovation; passion; focus on ingredients and quality.

5th Gin fire is packed with a wide range of soft red fruits which are very noticeable while drinking it. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and currants all contribute to an all-around sweet and silky spirit that is enlivened by a final juniper punch. 

Jensen’s Old Tom 

jensons old tom.jpg

After his first taste of a vintage gin back in 2001, Christian Jensen set out to recreate a lost style of gin, mostly, due to his love of authentic martinis. After an increase in popularity and demand from bartenders, Bermondsey Gin Limited was born. The distillery and gin are both named for the area in London in which Jensen settled, with the distillery nestled in a railway arch beneath the main line from London Bridge station to the south east of England.

The recipe was taken from an 1840s handbook and based on a bartender’s perfect serve in the 1800s. Unsweetened and earthy, it has a deep flavour that adds complexity to many drinks.

Jensen’s Old Tom is a true old tom gin through and through.

Black Tomato Gin

black tomato.jpg

Black Tomato Gin, produced by Kampen Distillery, was born in the little fishing harbour of Bruinisse. The distillery faces the clear waters of the Oosterschelde, which is the biggest national park of the Netherlands.

Although they like to keep the botanicals a mystery, all ingredients are sourced locally. The signature black tomatoes are grown near the distillery and they even add small doses of fresh salt water from the Oosterschelde waters. 100% vegan and organic, Kampen Distillery take great pride in doing as much as possible in-house, even going so far as to malt their own grain before the distillation process even begins.

Black Tomato Gin is a powerful spirit with lots of different flavours at play. Rich dark fruits come through and are followed by gentle spices. The powerful fruitiness of the tomato is balanced by its own tanginess and the peppery kick of juniper. There is a perfect balance between sweet and savoury.

Cucumber Gin


Created by the team behind Qcumber water, Cucumber Gin is the essence of British summer in a glass. The contemporary twist of cucumber combined with a delicate juniper base are all you need for a summer drink with a difference. The cucumber’s sweetness subtly complements the vibrant botanical ingredients resulting in a delicate and unique taste experience.

Voted  International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) Silver Award winner 2016, this is definitely a gin to tick off your list.

Macario Tonica


From their home in Italy, Macario Tonica are a soft drink company heavily influenced by both the 50s and the Macario family grandmother. Grandmother Vittoria Macario used to prepare refreshing drinks for adults and children on the summer afternoons spent at her home. Ingredients were simple and natural, with unforgettable flavours, and they always tasted amazing. The Macario family then decided to start a small homemade production, to allow other people to taste the drinks created by their Grandmother Vittoria, whom they so dearly remember.

Macrio’s range includes: soda, tonic water, chinotto (a kind of orange soda made from the myrtle leaved orange tree), red-orange, lemonade and mint tea. The range currently offered maintains the taste and the freshness of the past but is produced with advanced equipment and methods.

Teetotal G’N’T Botanical Beveragetonic-2This G’n’T is the perfect non-alcoholic adult drink. Whether you’re teetotal, health conscious or the designated driver this refreshing soft drink is the perfect gin replacement. Made from all natural ingredients and including all the botanicals you’ll find in a good gin and tonic you won’t be missing out.

Garnish with lime, cucumber or lemon and you’ve got a perfect choice for dry January too!

Joe & Seph’s Mince Pie Popcorn


Joe & Seph’s popcorn is handmade in England by a small team of pastry chefs. Using only 100% natural ingredients they have created some very interesting and creative popcorn flavours. Including one of our favourites, gin and tonic popcorn! This month we chose the rather festive flavour of mince pie. This popcorn is packed full of rich and fruity flavours and even includes a 10-year-old Spanish brandy. A perfect light snack for a Christmas evening.

The deadline for January’s box is the 5th of January, the contents need to stay a secret but make sure you don’t miss out on another gin journey!

So what are you waiting for, subscribe today.


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