The Best December Gin Explorer Snaps

As we guide you into the wonderful world of gin, we love to see you enjoying the journey! What better way to do this than seeing your amazing snaps?

Last month we set our gin explorers a challenge. We wanted to find the best photo of them enjoying their gin, in their own way. This month a certain Christmassy theme seemed to emerge.

All they needed to do was post a photo with #Ginexplorer to be in with a chance to win a bottle of their favourite gin.

Here’s a couple of our favourites starting with the winning image.

Well done Lesley! It wasn’t just Mary and Joseph that loved this image, your knitted characters are adorable and we love seeing all the contents in a happy home this Christmas. Well done!

Second place goes to Becky. Your gingerbread house is awesome and looks super tasty, we also love the festive garnish you’ve added to your G&T. You were so close.

Loadsa lovely gin! #gin #ginexplorer #averymerrychristmasindeed

A post shared by Ashleigh Dewar (@ashleigh_dewar) on

Not only do we love that super cool Christmas card but there’s ‘Loadsa’ gin here dating as far back as April! Not only must you be a keen Gin Explorer but your skills of resisting are impeccable. You’ve got yourself third place Ashleigh.

Its’s great to see the explorer box made itself at home under your tree Katherine.

Thank you to everyone else that entered this month. Keep on snapping!


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