11 Reasons Gin Makes Us Happy!

With help from our Gin Explorer December box bloggers, we’ve put together 11 reasons why gin makes us happy and why it should make you happy too!

1. It’s all natural! With the main ingredient being juniper berries and including other botanicals such as cassia bark, coriander, peppercorns, basil, and even soft fruits, gin is basically one big herbal remedy.

2. It’s wonderfully versatile! Fionn from Fionn Fionn Fionn! says; “Gin can be drunk in a multitude of ways, in a cocktail, neat, with tonic, from a shoe… Or is that Baileys? Regardless of what you drink it from, you can create amazing flavours with gin.”

3. One reason gin makes Hannah from The Lazy Girl happy is that all you need is gin. “To make most of the classic cocktails out there, gin, unlike spirits such as vodka or rum, is intended to be used in cocktails and thus the delicate flavours and hints only become apparent once you’ve treated yourself to something a little fancier, darling.”

GE social content 1 728x577.png

4. You can make loads of cocktails with it! With distilleries releasing more weird and wonderful gin, the more weird and wonderful gin cocktails we can create. The red snapper, gimlet, negroni, martini and aviation are all examples of classic gin based cocktails and more recently you can try an English garden, a bramble or one of Gin Festival’s rhubarb rumbles. In fact, there’s over 700 recipes for gin cocktails out there. If a G&T isn’t your thing then get your cocktail shaker out and get experimenting.

There's a flavour for everyone 728x577.png

5. There’s a flavour for everyone. Gin Festival alone sell over 300 different gins and there are so many more out there waiting to be discovered. Companies like Zymurgorium and Ely are a perfect example of distilleries experimenting with flavours and creating more and more every day. Whether you like your gin sweet, savoury or herbal there is a gin perfect for you.

GE social content 2 728x577.png 6. Another reason gin made Fionn happy was that gin is a global and widely distributed spirit. “It’s only been recently that I’ve realised the scale of gin on a global level. I had always assumed that gin was quintessentially British but upon recent ventures to gin festivals, I’ve discovered gins from across the world!”

7. World Gin Day is a thing and it makes Hannah happy. “It’s in June each year – and any excuse to spend an entire day drowning in gin is bound to put a spring in my step.”

The Prettiest beverage out there (1) 728x577.png

8. It’s the prettiest drink around. Whilst it might be a clear spirit, the tradition of adding a garnish means you can dress it up however you fancy. Rosemary, cucumber wheels, orange and lemon peel, pink grapefruit and even edible flowers; there’s nothing better than a vibrant beautiful looking G&T. Especially if you’re looking for a way to boost your Instagram following!

9. It’s a hobby. There are new gin bars popping up all the time, and menus being filled with new gins and gin cocktails. Portobello Road have even opened a gin hotel this year. Getting out there and visiting them is the perfect day drinking excuse. An offer we won’t refuse.

10. It’s good value for money. Compared to high-quality Scotch or rum, great craft gins tend to be around £30 to £40. That’s a bargain for such a beautiful spirit. And, with 28 measures per bottle it even compares very favourably to beer and wine.

It's simply just the best 577x728.png

11. It’s simply the best. Taking away the garnish, the ice, the mixers. Taking gin back to basics and enjoying it neat and gin is still just as good! Gin is beautiful no matter how you drink it and what you drink it with. And that’s why it’s simply just the best.


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