Gin Explorer Global Gin News 14/02/17


Gin Explorer Global Gin News brings you the best and most recent gin gossip.

Welcome to the very first edition of Gin Explorer Global Gin News. Here, we intend to provide you with the very best and most recent gossip in the gin world.

Campari Buys Bulldog

Gruppo Campari, which owns Campari, Aperol and Grand Marnier, has bought craft gin brand Bulldog for a whopping £46.8 million!

Bulldog was launched in America in 2007 by entrepreneur and ex-investment banker Anshuman Vohra. A beautifully floral gin, Bulldog is made with the unusual botanicals of dragon eye, lotus leaf and poppy and is very recognisable thanks to its studded black bottle.

The move is said to help Bulldog secure a place in more bars and restaurants, so, good news for Gin Explorers who want to see more great gins down their local. Read the full article here.

UK Gin Sales Smash £1 Billion

How much do brits love gin? We love it so much that in 2016 gin sales smashed through the £1 billion barrier for the first time. We bought 40 million bottles in a spending spree that outstripped sales growth in beer and sparkling wine. Read more here.

MP’s Drank Over 6000 Bottles of Gin Last Year

Who says, MP’s have lost touch with the common man? While the rest of us were driving the biggest year of gin ever, they were joining in with a pretty impressive 6,000 bottles of Gordon’s Gin over the last 2 years. House Of Commons or your local pub? Recent figures have shown that bars in the House Of Commons have served over  £1.8 million worth of alcohol in the last 2 years. Serving over 1,685 bottles of Smirnoff vodka and 42,711 bottles Champagne.   See more figures here. 

Lead Singer of the Vamps Opens Gin Bar

When you think of The Vamps you think singing, acting and possibly modelling (if you know who they are. If you don’t, they’re a boy band with instruments), but you definitely don’t think gin! However, the 21-year-old lead singer Bradley Simpson and his family recently opened a 1920s style gin bar in Sutton Coldfield. Read more here.

Get On Board The Gin Bus

Last but certainly not least we have a story that got us pretty excited. Think bar crawl but better! Gin Journey is the fabulous company behind the gin bus tour. One bus takes you to 4 different cities allowing you to visit different gin bars and distilleries. Get onboard here.


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