Gin Explorer Box February 2017

Another month, another Gin Explorer box. This time we are celebrating the month of love with some beautiful floral flavours and sweet liquors.

Hello Gin Explorers,

As the month of February rolls on, it’s time to share another Gin Explorer box with you, and oh how excited are we?! Of course, the month of February means the month of love. So this month’s box is full of sweet and floral treats.

So what’s in the box?

Zymurgorium Hedge Rose


Crafted by Aaron Darke, Zymurgorium takes pride in combining science and delicious flavours to creating mouthwatering gin liqueurs. Opening in 2014, they’ve spent the time since crafting amazing gin liqueurs, ciders and craft beers.

Swap the traditional roses for something a little stronger, longer lasting and tastier this month. Zymurorgium Hedge Rose uses Zymurgorium artisan gin as a base and is infused with real English rose petals. This beautifully light and floral gin contains over 20 other botanicals including organic coriander, organic caraway, homegrown raspberries, angelica and orris root, which all add to the light sweetness.

Gorgeous neat or topped up with a slpash of fizz.

Bullards Norwich Dry Gin 


Innovation and imagination are what drive Bullards. They are always searching for new flavours, new ideas and the best quality produce they can possibly find. This lead them to start experimenting with the unusual tonka bean. Hailing from the most mysterious parts of Central and South America and grown on trees reaching 25–30 meters with a trunk of up to one meter in diameter!

The Tonka bean gives the gin a balanced hint of vanilla and marzipan, combined with the floral and spicy notes of cardamom and lavender. While the other 10 botanicals are a secret, lavender and cardamom are both prominent. Distinctly sweet and floral on the nose with a very smooth flavour on the palate, this is a very easy drinking gin that’s delicious neat.

Addingham Cranberry and Orange 


From a boutique business based in Yorkshire, Addingham Fruit Liqueurs make a fabulous range of drinks infused with locally sourced, picked and foraged natural ingredients.

Distilled and produced in a Yorkshire back garden,  Addingham Cranberry and Orange is a beautifully fresh gin liqueur. Using an excellent London dry as a base, adding macerated sweet orange and tart cranberries creates a wonderful spirit that perfectly balances, tart, fruity and sweet flavours. This is another candidate for some fizzy top-up, or, serve it neat with an orange wedge and ice.

Mahon Gin Xoriguer


Xoriguer traces its origins back to British sailors stationed on Menorca. Searching for a good G & T, but unable to get any in local bars, they decided to start importing their own juniper berries and began distilling. As the trend of distilling spread throughout the area, the Pons family would join in and produce what would become Xoriguer, the name coming from the windmill they used for many generations to grind wheat.

A bit of a cult favourite with British ex-pats and Spaniards alike, Xoriguer is full of fruit flavours and herbaceous warm notes. There is a spiciness from cracked black pepper and, of course, plenty of juniper.

Nordic Mist Blue Tonic Water 


Nordic Mist has been producing a range of soft drinks and tonic waters since 1992, making them one of the older premium tonic brands. Nordic has proven to be extremely popular in Spain, many people even claiming that the only way to create the perfect gintonic is to use Nordic Mist Blue Tonic Water.

Nordic Mist Blue Tonic Water is a premium tonic with beautifully balanced hints of grapefruit, peach and citrus. It is slightly sweet yet acidic and becomes increasingly bitter on the palate, with the intense bitterness well balanced by the sweet notes reminiscent of peach.

Would you like a box full of goodies like these? Subscribe to Gin Explorer before the 5th of March to get next month’s box. The contents are a secret but we can promise a very special gin from the creators of Gin Festival.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe today.


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