Gin Explorer Global Gin 21/02/17


Gin Explorer Global Gin News brings you the best and most recent gin gossip.

Hey Gin Explorers, welcome back to the second addition of Gin Explorers’ Global Gin News. What’s been going on this past week? Well Gin Festival kicked off their festival season with a sold out event in London, a bar showcasing more than 400 gins just popped up in central London and how about some olive oil gin?

Gin Festivals’ First Event of the Year

Last year Gin festival showcased over 100 different gins at 28 different venues. Up and down the country from Edinburgh to London the Gin Festival team were always ready to make your gin heaven a reality. This year they intend to raise the bar. More events, more gin and more cities. Yep you heard it!

It’s no surprise that the first Gin Festival of 2017 was a total success. Selling a third of the tickets on the first day of release, it’s been the most popular festival yet. As well as the 100+ gins on the bars the team were also joined by some of the most popular names in the gin world. Brockmans, Sipsmith, Tinker, Slingsby, Bimber and Cotswold all came down to the event to showcase their amazing crafty gin. Want to get in on these fab festivals? 15 events have currently been released and there are plenty more to be announced, you can buy tickets here.

London Biggest Gin Bar is Every Gin Lover’s Dream – with 400 Gins and 27 Tonics

400 gins, blimey! The brilliant people behind The Gin Bar at Holborn Dining Rooms have opened a vintage style gin bar/restaurant showcasing more than 400 gins and 27 tonics. Including a tonic they make themselves.

As you sit in the oak-panelled red leather studded booths contemplating which of the 14,000 plus gin and tonic combinations to try, you’ll be met by waiters wearing super trendy tartan trousers who are always on hand for a recommendation.

The bar menu includes new gin cocktails and much-loved classics, as well as a selection of spirits, fine wines and craft beers. Fancy going? Read the full article here or visit their website.

 A Gin Made With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Enoteca Uvarara is a wine bar which offers over 130 brands of gin and now an exclusive gin made with olive oil. Owner Ettore Pacilli credits his creativity ‘from travelling’. His passion for gin was ignited in Barcelona during a holiday with his wife and the idea of using oil in his gin was born while driving through Salento, a region known for its olive groves and wheat fields.

The latest addition to his gin collection is EVO, made with a monovarietal Peranzana olive oil produced in the town of Apricena. Boiled in water, the mash that comes out is distilled until pure alcohol is obtained. This is infused with natural botanicals including juniper, angelica and cardamom. EVO is rich in aromatic compounds that elicit the herbaceous attributes of extra virgin olive oil.

Unfortunately, if you’d like to try his creation, you’ll have to book a ticket to Foggia, Italy.

Read the full article here.










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