Recycle Your Gin Explorer Box

It’s time to get creative! We’ve put together three simple ways to transform your empty Gin Explorer boxes into something rather fab.

Hello Gin Explorers,

We are always thinking of new and inventive ways for you to transform our products into something new. Cocktails, cake, baking and even soup have been amazing ways for you guys to get creative with the gin! But how about using empty bottles and an empty box? We have put together a few ways you can recycle the box stylishly.


So here’s the first way of transforming your empty little bottles into something rather great. All you will need is; some hessian string (or ribbon if you prefer), flowers of your choice and 4 empty Gin Explorer miniature bottles with the labels removed. Here’s how to do it;

Step 1 – For the best and prettiest results, we suggest removing the labels from the bottles and we have a little trick to make this a whole lot easier. Furniture polish. Spray on the area of the bottle the label covers. Leave for a few minutes and the label should scrub right off!

Step 2 – Pour water into your bottle until half full and pop a flower off two in. We used white carnations to keep a fresh and minimalistic look but if you have another favourite, go ahead and use them.

Step 3 – Use a length of hessian string or ribbon to tie the little bottles together to stay secure.

There you have it, an easy way to recycle the bottles!


For those of you wanting to get a little more crafty and messy here’s a fab of reusing the bottles with paint. Again, it’s super easy! All you will need is the empty bottles without labels ( having been removed using the technique above), paint, water and flowers.

Step 1 – Use some masking tape to create a line you want to paint up to whether it’s straight, curved or zigzag. Get as creative as you want!

Step 2 – Paint the bottom half of the bottle working up to the line made by the tape. If one coat of paint isnt enough, let it dry and go ahead with a second coat.

Step 3 – When the paint is dry fill half the bottle up with water. Pop in a few flowers of your choice.

Place them on a windowsill, your desk or anywhere really!


Our final recycling masterpiece involves the box. Our Gin Explorer boxes are made from 100% recycled materials as it is, but why not get super creative with it? We made a flower tray that can be displayed in your garden, greenhouse or even you windowsill. You’ll need a few plants to fill the box, (we used two different types to add a splash of colour but any inside and outside plants will work perfectly) the empty gin explorer box, a little plastic sheeting, soil and Perlite (if you have any).

Step 1 – Line the bottom of the box with plastic sheet, this will stop the bottom of the box from becoming soggy and damp.

Step 2 – Place the plants inside the box. If anymore access soil is required to fill the box carefully pack this around the plants.

Step 3 – Perlite is used to prevent the soil from becoming too dense and retaining too much moisture. So if you have any we suggest sprinkling a little on the top of the soil.

Your flower tray is complete.

Got any other ideas on how to re-use our boxes? Why not have a go yourself and show us your wonderful creations, simple tag us in you pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or us the hashtag #ginexplorer when posting to share your work with us.









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