Global Gin News 28/02/2017


Gin Explorer’s Global Gin News has all the latest information from the world of gin.

This week, unusual botanicals and brand new bottles.

Gin Bothy Create Pine Needle Gin To Save Local Forest

Scottish distillery The Gin Bothy will pledge £1 of every bottle of their Bothy Original gin to the support of Loch Arkaig pine forest.

Formerly a training ground for British and French commandos, Loch Arkaig forest was recently bought by local residents for £500,000 as the first step in a campaign to preserve the ancient pine forest. Campaigners estimated that 4 million pounds are required to maintain the forest, which is home to endangered wildlife including wild boar, golden eagles and pine martens.

Gin Bothy founder Kim Cameron, who uses pine needles from the forest in his Bothy Original gin, wanted to give something back.“When I heard about the Woodland Trust’s appeal for funds to buy and restore Loch Arkaig pine forest, I just knew we had to get on board. It is a spectacular place and there are such exciting plans for its future.”

Read the full story here.

Death’s Door Unveil New “Bartender Friendly” Bottle

American gin brand Death’s Door have changed the design of their bottle to make life easier on bartenders.


New innovations include a grab ring and longer neck, for easier pours, as well as losing 500g of weight to make it easier for bartenders to lift repeatedly.

The new shape is also more balanced and ergonomic, a boon for flair bartenders.

Find out more here.

Gin Made With Green Ants?

Not one, but two, Australian gin distillers have released gins flavoured with the Australian native food, green ants.

Both Applewood Distillery’s Green Ant Gin and Something Wild Beverages’Australian Green Ant Gin, are made with actual green ants, distilled as a botanical.

Adelaide Hills Distillery is making the gin under contract for Something Wild Beverages, a division of native food company Something Wild, which specialises in sustainably sourced indigenous foods such as kangaroo and wallaby, as well as, native herbs and fruits.

Adelaide Hills Distillery founder and head distiller Sacha La Forgia said the green ants were, “like an incredible flavour explosion in my mouth of lime and coriander flavours, as well as a fresh acidic zing.”

“It was just beautiful and I thought straight away ‘wow, they exist to be in gin’.”

Australian Green Ant Gin will also feature an ant in every bottle. “That acidic zing doesn’t carry over in the still so we include some ants in every bottle and it just lifts the palate a bit,” La Forgia added.

Learn more here.


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