Global Gin News 07/03/17


Gin Explorer’s Global Gin News has all the latest information from the world of gin.

This week includes the Royal Highness, a sweet store for adults only and how about some ginny yoga?

A Yoga Class That’s All About The Healing Power Of Gin

Going by the motto ‘come for the yin…stay for the gin’ the Yin And Gin yoga class organised by Good Yoga Life really do combine two rather fabulous passions. yoga-1883321_1920

Located in a small studio in the heart of East London you’ll find the perfect way to spend your Friday evening. After the ’60 minute yin-yang yoga class combining strength and vinyasa flow with more restorative postures to work deeper into the body’ you’ll be accompanied by a few G&Ts. In the true Yin Yang oriental style, there’s no better gin to accompany your class than Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin, a gin based on the mysterious and ancient spice route.

Fancy a class? Head over to their website to get your hands on some tickets, or read more here.

A Boozy Sweet Shop Has Popped Up In London


Imagine the Wonka chocolate factory filled with lots of ginny goodness. Well, Smith & Sinclair are the genius brains behind the  Flavour Rooms and really are the Willy Wonkas of our day.

Upstairs expect gin and tonic flavoured sweeties in the form of pick and mix, lollipops, sherbert dib dabs and a range of experimental cocktails to get your night started! You can even try some gin perfumes to freshen up your G&T. Downstairs you find yourself in Tanqueray’s Experimental Garnish Bar where you can enjoy classic gin and tonics in a stylish boutique gin bar.

So if you have a sweet tooth and are a lover of gin, head over to The Flavours Rooms on Canary Street London. You can find tickets here or read more here.

Her Royal Highness Drinking Before lunch?

The Evening Standard has recently revealed just what the queen eats and drinks on a daily basis. The list included cereal, fresh fruit, the finest steak, lots of veggies and of course….GIN! Yes, that’s right Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, HRH the queen of England, indulges in a gin and Dubonnet (a sweet wine-based aperitif) with a slice of lemon and ice before she sits down for her lunch.

The Independendent did a little bit of digging and found out she’s likely to use Gordon’s Gin, which has a royal warrant.

Read more here.









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