Gin Explorer Turns 1

The 16th of March marks the day Gin Explorer celebrates its first birthday. Here’s a summary of the fabulous year we’ve enjoyed.


Hello Gin Explorers,

In today’s blog, we want to spend some time highlighting all the amazing achievements and memories the last year has brought us. But above everything, we would love to say a massive thank you, to all of the Explorers who have joined us on the journey of gin over the past year. Let’s start with the GIN!

We are proud to have included over 60 different brands in our boxes, ranging from Sloes, Liquors, London Drys and even Vodka (If you received March’s box you’ll understand). Haven’t they just been fabulous? You’ve had the chance to sample the best quality gin, mixers and brilliant literature to help you understand the distillation process, best serve and even the botanicals included in the amazing spirits.


Let’s talk a little about events. Over the past year, we attended 27 festivals. That’s 27 different venues and 27 opportunities to meet our lovely Explorers from all over the UK and oh how we have loved it. Of course our friends at Jam Jar have been a massive help, and made it even more enjoyable for us, we know you guys love getting the free samples we handout.


Boxes? Well… over 10,000 boxes have been sent out. That’s a total of 40,000 gin miniature bottles and 80,000 shots of glorious gin. Pretty impressive isn’t it? All of our Explorers just can’t get enough of gin.

Of course, Gin Explorer is all about the journey. So what about all the miles we travelled for all this gin? If you add up all the miles from each brochure that’s a total of 36,698 miles! That gets us around the world 1.47 times, imagine all the gin we could pick up on that journey.

In conclusion, this year has been amazing and we are always thinking of new ways we can improve the boxes. So if you have any ideas you can let us know on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, we will keep providing the best quality gin, tonics, mixers and goodies to all you amazing Explorers. Cheers!


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