Gin Explorer Box April 2017

Another month, another Gin Explorer box. And oh how April’s is an exciting one!

Hello Gin Explorers,

We’re so excited to share with you this month’s box and can’t wait to hear what you have made of it. Not only have you received 4 amazing, small batch gins but this month’s tonics have to be some of the yummiest tonics we’ve tasted! So, what’s in the box?

Lilliard Gin


Nestled in a small corner of the vast Scotish countryside, Lilliards tiny micro-distillery is nestled by the River Teviot in the heart of the Scottish Borders. The countryside surrounding the distillery is a valley of lush fertile rolling hills. Not only do they share this part of the valley with ospreys, otters and red squirrels but their neighbours are the award winning Scottish Borders Brewery.

Lilliard Gin is a light, elegant gin with a complex floral palette. The botanical balance and local spring water reflect the four seasons of the beautiful Borders landscape.

Bertha’s Revenge 

YA1A9224The clever people behind Bertha’s Revenge like to refer to their gin as ‘A fragrant nose, soft mouthfeel and warming spicy middle notes to mirror her maternal core’.  You may ask, here? This is when the interesting story behind Bertha’s Revenge begins. In May of 2015 Justen Green and Antony Jackson combined their love of food, wine, marketing and catering in the creation of a brand new craft gin. However, none of this could have happened without the trusting help of a female cow name ‘Big Bertha’.

Big Bertha was a legendary droimeann cow from Sneem in Co. Kerry. She was reared locally and was bought as a calf by a farmer called Jerome O’Leary. When she died on New Year’s Eve 1993 she had become something of a local celebrity. Over the course of her long life she had given birth to 39 calves, which earned her an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Bertha’s Revenge is a fabulous blend of whey alcohol from the local dairy farmers, natural well water and locally foraged and grown botanicals.

Alnwick Gin


Drawing inspiration from the local natural beauty, Alnwick Gin never settle for second best. They are proud to cater for the most discerning of palates and aim to deliver sophisticated excellence from a very beautiful, yet quiet corner of the English countryside. Alnwick scours & forage the local countryside for the finest ingredients, as these give the finest flavours for you to savour and enjoy. Made in small batches, the top secret blends yield the most exquisite flavours.

Carefully hand-crafted in the heart of Northumberland, Alnwick Gin perfectly combines locally foraged botanicals & exotic spices. The small batch production guarantees premium quality.

Manchester Gin


Since the evening the two love birds behind Manchester Gin met, they have been working hard to create the highest quality craft gin they could. After meeting a gentleman who told them the fundamentals of making gin, their dream became a reality.

Distilled in ‘Wendy,’ their bespoke-made copper column still, Manchester Classic Gin is a citrus lead gin with a contemporary twist. Taking inspiration from the city it’s created in Manchester Gin uses two key botanicals; the northern favourites of dandelion & burdock root.

Fentimans Tonic


Fentimans have been making natural botanical drinks for over 100 years. Brewing their soft drinks and mixers for 7 days using their time-honoured botanical brewing process the result is a drink that tastes simply delicious.

Rose Lemonade – Made with pure rose oil from the world-famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria and the juice of real lemons. Fentimans Rose Lemonade is a beautifully refreshing drink with a unique aroma. The light floral notes pair beautifully with the Lilliard Gin in this month’s box.

Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water – Made with ruby red grapefruit and quinine for a tonic that is refreshingly dry and crisp. Mix with any of April’s gins for a refreshing and zesty long drink. No artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives.

Miss Millar’s Coconut and Lime Marshmallows

Working from her kitchen, Miss Millar combine natural and fresh ingredients to create marvellous marshmallows and fabulous sweet treats.

Toasted coconut and lime marshmallows, made with lime juice, lime zest and coconut cream. Finished off with lightly toasted desiccated coconut. A real tropical marshmallowy treat which combines the creaminess of coconut and the zinginess of lime.





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